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July 2020's Craft Ru Box | Runoi Rum

July's Craft Rum Box is here!

This month's rum is a UK exclusive for our members. Introducing Runoi Rum created by the folks at Kalevala Distilerry in Finland normally known for their awesome gin! Runoi Rum is a long term project, that combines the artisanal skills of distilleries in the Dominican Republic and Barbados with those of the Kalevala Distillery.

This Rum is aged for five years in Barbados, another eight years in the Dominican Republic before 6 months of final ageing, blending and bottling in Finland.

This month's rum has been perfectly matched with the spirit enhancer Merchants Heart Hibiscus Tonic. Also included in this month’s box is a can of Jamaican Rum Vibes premixed jamaican rum drink and a can of Ginger, CBD & Turmeric sparkling water from Bumblezest Drinks.

We've also included a side of tasty Chilli & Garlic Pitta Chips from our friends at Soffles Pitta Chips.