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July's Craft Rum Box | Burning Barn Smoked Rum

This month’s Craft Rum Box includes the amazing Burning Barn Smoked Rum. Motivated by the disaster of their barn burning down, these guys set about creating a true craft offering for Rum drinkers. Blended from the finest molasses rich Column and Pot still Rum from Guyana, the blend is then aged in the Caribbean heat for two to three years in American ex-bourbon casks. Drawing on the fire for inspiration, the Rum is then cold smoked with wood from apple trees planted on the farm over 30 years ago.

This month’s box also includes a bottle of Burning Barn’s NEW Honey & Rum Liqueur two bottles of Schweppes premium 1783 Golden Gin Ale, the perfect partner for the smoky flavours of the Rum, and a whopping great bag of Burts Sea Salt Crisps.