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October's Craft Rum Box | Hattiers Premium Rum 40%

This Month we're proud to be featuring the multi-award winning Hattiers Premium Rum. This Bottle is a blend of four rums hand picked from across the Caribbean and Central America and blended by founder and Master Blender, Philip Everett-Lyons in Devon before being gently paired with pure soft water from the hills of Dartmoor.

What's in the box....

  • 1 x 70cl Hattiers Premium Rum 40%.
  • 2 x 200ml Two Keys Pink Grapefruit Mixers.
  • 1 x 90g Proper Corn Sweet and Salty Popcorn.
  • 1 x 40g The French Kitchen Sea Salt and Chardonnay Vinegar Hand cooked Crisps.
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