The Duppy Share Special

The Duppy Share Special

The Duppy Share Special

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PART ONE - XO And How They Got Here

This month is a rather special month, so we thought we should share something special with you. If you subscribe to the Craft Rum Box, then you will have received a bottle of Duppy Share XO, and if you subscribe to our Spiced Rum Box then you would have received a bottle of the Duppy Share Spiced.

Some of you may already know the Duppy Share rums...and for good reason. Over the last few years, they have been building a solid reputation in the UK. The Duppy Share import wonderful rums from the Caribbean and expertly blend them into fantastic rums. And, launching in 2013, these guys were just ahead of the rum boom curve. In that time, they have nailed their reputation, working with real titan distilleries across the West Indies.

There are boozehounds I know that happily prize Duppy Share as top dog in the rums they’ve tried. That’s a real testament. They’ve been growing healthily over the last eight years, and so you can pick up their rums online at obvious distributors like Amazon, Master of Malt or the Whisky Exchange, and the rums have made their way into supermarkets too. That said, the Duppy Share did start life on the shelves of Selfridges. So why include it in the box? There are good reasons. For one, they are brilliant rums, and don’t you deserve brilliant rums? At Craft Rum Box and Spiced Rum box, we pride ourselves on bringing you amazing rums and mostly we bring you ones that are new to the market or a little off the beaten track. However, Duppy’s XO and Spiced Rums are essential rums for any collection. And over this double article special, I’m going to tell you why.

First up, what’s the story behind this rum? Well, as with most stories there are parts. I took some time to catch up with the Duppy Share, and I think the answers will backdrop this article perfectly. So the first question, naturally, is, can you tell me a little about when you first had the idea to create the Duppy Share? Where did the inspiration come from?

“We felt that most rum brands aren't representing the true spirit of the Caribbean. We wanted to create an amazing premium rum and a brand that authentically celebrates the true spirit of the Caribbean. The Duppy Share was founded in 2013 in the heart of Notting Hill by rum enthusiast George Frost. While George was visiting Barbados, he was sitting in his favourite bar and noticed that there was a shot of rum always left at the end of the bar. When he asked the bartender what it was, he replied “that’s for the Duppies, we gotta keep those guys happy.” The word Duppy comes from Jamaican Patois and is largely used in Caribbean folklore to mean ghost or spirit. As whisky ages a part of it is said to evaporate to the Angels - this is known as the Angel Share. In the Caribbean, they believe in a slightly different truth. It is believed that the Duppies swoop between the distilleries and steal the best of the rum as it ages in oak barrels. "When our founder discovered the concept of the duppies he just knew he had to bring this story back from his travels and share it with friends and family, alongside some delicious rum. All of this combined to create our brand name; Duppy Share.”

The guys behind Duppy Share say, ‘the Duppy Share is not just a celebration of rum, but also a celebration of the Caribbean. A totally unique group of islands in between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic. The islands are incredibly beautiful and have an amazing ability to make anyone, in any situation feel totally welcome and at ease. The Duppy Share ensures that the warmth, fun, beauty and excitement of the Caribbean is tasted in every drop.’

Rum is not only a delicious spirit, but the Duppy Share believe that it is ‘one that is largely underrated and consumed not nearly enough’ it’s the easiest and most flexible of spirits and as such it allows anyone to create a delicious drink that will amaze and delight their friends. I wondered when the rum was launched and how it was received. “Duppy Share was launched in 2013 exclusively at Selfridges and has quickly become the UK's highest selling premium rum. We are now listed across the Young's estate as well as all Turtle Bay outlets, Everyman and New World Trading co. We are delighted with both the market and consumer response to launch, building a lasting relationship with clients and consumers alike and this feels like the beginning.”
Launching in 2013 means this rum has been on the market a lot longer than many UK brands. How has the journey been between then and now? Have there been any surprises? “We are building a brand that we believe in and that adds a unique quality to the market...everyday holds new surprises and that's a motivating factor.”
Motivation indeed! And it doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon with the launch of their XO expression, an exclusive through Craft Rum Box! The Duppy Share XO has been created to set a new standard in Super Premium Rum, and the marketing claims that it will “redefine quality within the category”. Big words! Though a 100%
Barbados rum aged for up to 12 years has enormous potential, and we have the exclusive product details just for you!

“The finest expression of Duppy Share to date, Duppy Share XO was created to be the best tasting rum on the market, bar none. With no expense spared sourcing some of the Caribbeans rarest rums from the finest distilleries, XO is truly the new standard for Super Premium Rum. 100% Barbadian blend using some of the most sought after casks in the world, a perfectly balanced mix of 5,
5 and 12 year aged expressions combine to create are peerlessly luxurious liquid.”

But how does it taste?

“On the nose there are rich notes of velvet caramel and tamarind that are balanced with light and floral notes of toasted coconut and violet. To taste, there are indulgent flavours of butter fudge caramel and condensed milk, that are delicately married with aspects of apricot, vanilla and nutmeg. The finish is long and rich, with oaky vanilla and chocolate lingering, before giving away to a hint of bright mint and floral aspects.”

My oh my. Those tasting notes are superb. I don’t know about you, but I am going to be seeking out every little note.

After so long in the market, I’m not surprised that they are looking to launch this incredibly mature product. All in all, it’s been quite the journey for the team at The Duppy Share. I just had to ask what the biggest challenges have been, and their favourite moments.

“Our greatest challenge still remains: changing consumer perceptions for premium rum in the UK market. We know that when people try Duppy Share they become fans of the brand and the Rum. We also know that rum is not only a delicious spirit, but one that is largely underrated and consumed not nearly enough. It’s the easiest and most flexible of the spirits and as such it allows anyone to create a delicious drink that will amaze and delight their friends. With 86% of the world’s rum originating from the Caribbean, we wanted to create an incredible tasting liquid that embodies the islands’ warm and welcoming values. A rum that fosters a sense of inclusivity and brings together family, friends and strangers alike. We hope to inspire people to not take life too seriously, to live for the now and, lastly, to never waste a second; which has been written on every single bottle of Duppy and is the essence of our brand.”

Well, there we have it. Big, bold and brazen. The Duppy Share are a strong brand. They’ve been in the market a while, and they know what they’re doing. They’re doing good, and not just for themselves...check out part two for the other half of the Duppy story, details on their Spiced and recent release, Duppy White.

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