Toasted Pineapple Tai

Toasted Pineapple Tai

Difficulty level: 2
Glass: Old fashioned
Ice: Cubed
Garnish: Grilled pineapple chunks, cinnamon stick and pineapple leaves.

Shake and strain and top

40ml Cabal No.1513 Rum
10ml Peach liqueur
20ml Lime juice
15ml Almond syrup
30ml Homemade tiki spiced pineapple juice
5ml Angostura bitters (poured over the top)

Homemade tiki spiced pineapple juice
700ml Pineapple juice
Add 50ml white sugar
Add 25ml by volume ground cinnamon
Add 20ml by volume ground cloves
Combine the ingredients in a jar and leave to infuse for 2 hours
Strain out the mixture through a cheesecloth or paper coffee filter and enjoy.

Craft Rum Box
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