The Doctors Homemade Falernum No.9 Liqueur

The Doctors Homemade Falernum No.9 Liqueur

1 sealable container
350ml Beach House Mauritian Spiced Rum
9 Zested limes
50 cloves
2 tbl spoons sliced almonds
1 tea spoon almond extract
20g fresh ginger (sliced)
350ml simple sugar syrup (1:1 ratio)

Zest the limes, slice the ginger. Add to a sealable container.
Add the cloves & almond slices to a pan & lightly toast. Add these to the container.
Add the almond extract & rum to the same container & seal.
Leave this to infuse for 24 hours, shaking periodically.
After 24 hours, strain out the mix with a coffee filter & combine with the simple sugar syrup as a 1:1 (for example 350ml infused rum to 350ml sugar syrup etc). This will half the abv of the rum & add viscosity.

To Finish
Bottle and Enjoy.
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The History of Falernum
The origins of Falernum may date back to the 18th century, when it was often made into a punch in Barbados. In essence, Falernum is a Rum based liqueur created mainly with Rum, Lime Juice and Almonds. It can be drunk straight or traditionally as a long drink mixed with Soda Water. It’s used in many different Rum cocktails, including Corn ‘n’ Oil, Zombie, and Mai Tai. In the literary magazine All the Year Round, owned by Charles Dickens at the time, an unnamed author wrote of Falernum in 1892, describing it as "a curious liqueur composed from rum and lime-juice".
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