Sweets & treats

Sweets & treats

Difficulty level: 2/4
Glass: Coupe
Ice: None
Garnish: Sweet pack pegged to glass

Hard shake & fine strain

35ml Wildjac Honey rum
10ml Blue curaçao
10ml Limoncello (or homemade limoncello*)
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Sugar syrup (1:1 ratio; 10ml water:10ml sugar & multiples of)
2 dash chocolate bitter

Homemade limoncello

700ml vodka
Peel of 9 lemons
10 whole cloves
350ml (by volume) white sugar
350ml boiled pure water

Combine the lemons & vodka for 20 days & leave to infuse
After 20 days, add the cloves & leave for a further 24 hours
After this time strain everything out & put the macerated (infused)
vodka to one side.

Combine the sugar & water until dissolved & then mix 700ml
Lemon & clove flavoured vodka with 700ml sugar water
and stir well.
This is now your homemade limoncello of approx 20%ABV.

Bottle & enjoy.
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