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Sailor Jerry

The Original Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, 70cl

The Original Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, 70cl

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Brand: Sailor Jerry


  • SPICED RUM DELIGHT: Indulge in the rich flavour of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, a bold blend of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg notes that tantalizes your taste buds with every sip.
  • UNFORGETTABLE FLAVOURED EXPERIENCE: Dive into a world of delightful rum flavours with Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum, combining the finest spices and infusions to create a one-of-a-kind, irresistibly smooth taste.
  • RAISE YOUR SPIRITS: Elevate the mood with the bold, and balanced Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, a versatile drink that's perfect for crafting signature cocktails or sipping neat in a signature spiced rum glass.
  • THE LIFE OF THE PARTY: Make your house parties memorable with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, loved by flavoured rum enthusiasts for its exceptional quality and unique blend of flavours that guarantee an unforgettable celebration.
  • JERRY. COLA. CHERRY. PARTY: Serve over ice in a spiced rum glass, then add cola & a cherry garnish for a classic twist, or craft creative cocktails to unlock its full potential. Cheers to savouring every sip and toasting every occasion, with the legendary taste of Sailor Jerry!

Binding: Wine

Release Date: 04-04-2019

model number: 01856

Part Number: 701556

Details: Description

Product Description

Indulge in the legendary taste of Sailor Jerry Rum, where bold flavours and captivating aromas blend to create an extraordinary spiced rum experience. Crafted with the finest ingredients and infused with a unique vanilla and cinnamon essence, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum offers a bold taste, balanced to elevate your palate. Embrace the versatility of this exceptional spiced rum, perfect for crafting eccentric cocktails, enjoying neat in a spiced rum glass, or with a cola mixer & cherry garnish for a classic twist; the Jerry Cola. Let your creativity shine as you experiment with different mixology techniques to unlock the full potential of Sailor Jerry's spiced rum. As you savour every sip, feel the spirit of the high seas embodied in the spirit of Sailor Jerry. This beloved rum has earned its place as a favourite among rum enthusiasts, known for its smoothness and remarkable character. Made the old-school way. Whether you're hosting house parties or celebrating life's milestones, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum adds a touch of excitement to every gathering. Share the joy of a meticulously crafted spiced rum, infused with the essence of vanilla and cinnamon, to make your moments unforgettable. Sailor Jerry Rum stays true to the old-school tradition of spicing high proof rum, resulting in a uniquely bold, smooth and balanced taste. The bold spices meet the sweetness of vanilla and oak, with hints of clove and cinnamon spices. Unlock the treasure of flavours in every bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, a perfect companion for sipping and mixing for any occasion. Toast to life's adventures with Sailor Jerry Rum—where the spirit of the open sea and the warmth of spiced goodness converge into a captivating taste that sails beyond ordinary.



EAN: 5010327405223

Package Dimensions: 14.8 x 4.8 x 4.6 inches

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