Arcane Extraroma Extraordinary Rum

Arcane Extraroma Extraordinary Rum

Arcane Extraroma Extraordinary Rum

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Arcane Rum heralds from Mauritius and is made from fresh sugarcane juice as opposed to molasses or sugar byproduct.

Sugar can offer an incredible richness of subtle and fresh aromas which are very difficult to keep after the distillation and ageing process. What Arcane stands for
is this: in a white rum or in an old rum, you will always taste, in different versions, the magnificence of cane aromas. Arcane rum is always made from the distillation of pure cane juice. Profusion, with elegance, richness without being heavy. The Arcane tasting experience is always special. It is like a painting where you never stop finding new elements.

Mauritius is a small island east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, 1200 miles of the coast of Africa. It has been home to sugar cane production for more than two centuries and with that came rum, although, a lot later than you think, although we’ll get to that. However, rums from Mauritius don’t taste like your ‘normal’ rum.

Many rums are made with molasses, a byproduct of sugarcane production. Processing sugar cane ideally happens in the first 48 hours after it’s been cut, and involves mashing and heating the juice up, crystallising it into raw sugar, then using centrifugation to separate the last of the syrup from the raw sugar crystals, leaving the white processed sugar crystals that we know. The syrup that is collected at this later stage is known as molasses. Considering this process, you can understand how it has been ‘cooked’ in a sense, which gives it the rich sweetness that we come to expect from rum.

Now, if you use fresh sugar cane juice instead of molasses, what happens to the flavour profile? It becomes light and grassy, almost vegetal at points. It’s made from fresh plant matter instead of cooked syrup. The taste is very different, and it can take a little adjustment if you’re not familiar with it.

You may have heard the word ‘agricole’ before that refers to rums made in a similar style. However the word is limited to rums made on the French islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion, French Guiana and Madeira. Rum can also be spelt rhum as this is the French word for the spirit. Other areas have other terms, for example sugarcane rums made in Haiti are known as Clairins. In the case of sugarcane rums from Mauritius? Well, they’re simply known as sugar cane rums as far as I know...although I have seen an article refer to them as agricole. Can we call it Agricole? It’s hard to say right now. If we think about it classifying rums made on French islands, and we consider the French history behind rum in Mauritius then it makes sense for sure. I think with the newness of this category then time will tell.

Why isn’t there a term for sugar cane rum made in Mauritius? Well, it seems that sugar production has been the main production on the island, and rum production has really only become more of a thing there in recent years. Why? That’s a whole lot of history, which I’ll be sharing in the article on Beach House Gold Spiced Rum, so do check that out after this one. Go on, I know you’re interested.

Arcane currently have three rums in their range and three rum arrangements, which are rum that have been flavoured with fresh fruit, plants or spices. Here are some details on the range:

Extraroma: This is the rum we get to enjoy this month. A burst of flavours, the rum boasts an exotic character, the idea being to create a very aromatic pure sugar cane juice rum. The rum is surprising, with its powerful tropical fruits boosted by a hint of vanilla coming from the oak barrels. The tasting notes describe is as a very nice amber colour with golden hints. On the nose, it’s intense, with fresh sugar cane aromas blended with banana and white peach hazelnut. And on the palate it is mostly ripe fruits and ginger bread with notes of crème brulee and praline.

Delicatissime: A seductive rum, exclusively made with fresh sugar cane juice. Taste the fresh cane and the spiced notes of pepper which characterise rums from Mauritius. The tasting notes describe it as bright, shining amber, with fresh cane, spiced and dry flower on the nose. On the palate, the drink is round and powerful with notes of tropical fruits, bananas, spices, green pepper. And It’s well balanced with a woody hint.

Flamboyance Wild Cherry Finish: A special drop, this rum has enjoyed a 12 – 18 months finish period in wild cherry cask, which offers an ideal wood quality. It is a rate and original finish in the rum universe, The wild cherry has very interesting aromatic specificities: it brings notes of red fruits, a floral finish which is pleasing for the gourmets. Interestingly, the drink is named after the #mauritian christmas tree, the flamboyant. The colour is gold with coppery hints. On the nose there are aromas of oriental spices mixed with sweet orange, enhanced by subtle notes of precious wood and candied sour cherries. A character which follows through onto the palate, delivering a truly special experience.

There are also 3 ‘rhum arranges’, or rum arrangements. Where fresh fruit is put into the rum and allowed to infuse over time. If you’re partial to a flavoured rum then it is well worth checking out rum arrangements when you get the time as they tend to deliver an incredible juicy flavour from the fruit that is still in the bottle that you buy.

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