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O.V.D Demerara Rum, 70 cl

O.V.D Demerara Rum, 70 cl

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Brand: O.V.D


  • The oldest pure demerara rum
  • Specially selected superior quality
  • Smooth and mellow
  • Country string: Scotland

Binding: Wine

Release Date: 26-06-2015

Part Number: 103697

Details: Description

OVD is made from the finest Demerara Sugar, produced from the finest sugarcane, the sweetest in the Caribbean, grown on the banks of the famous Demerara River in Guyana. OLD because it has been imported to Scotland since 1838 and is aged longer than most rums to obtain a mellow, rich and spicy taste. Vatted, because specially imported, top quality rums from Guyana are vatted or blended carefully to a consistent style which is smooth, rounded and full-bodied. The image is one of colour and character and like the Caribbean people, it is big hearted, friendly and a great mixer. OVD can be drunk neat, on the rocks or with a mixer drink. Drink it with ginger, Cola or fresh orange juice. Also popular with peppermint cordial or blackcurrant.

EAN: 5010327655505

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 2.9 x 2.8 inches

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